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It’s been four score and four years minus four score since Jack opened the taps, but there’s a gusher coming this spring in “Boarding House Reach”, his third solo album.

I was asked to design covers for the first two singles: "Connected by Love” and “Over and Over and Over”.  A real team effort here with Jack, Chris from Silent Giants, and Nathanio Strimpopulos from TMR.

See you at one of the shows.



New Kills single out now, so I figured I should finally crow about this surprising reminder that another 5 years have passed.  For this 15th anniversary tour, I imagined their career happening inside a photobooth.  I littered the floor with what I though was an appropriate amount of cigarettes.  I then realized that accuracy would be entirely too comical, so I just put enough to indicate that some folks had been there quite a while.

The version I’m offering is the tour version in metallic gold to match the lustrous tones of their last platter, Ash & Ice.


Also putting my remaining copies of the Racs 2011 posters on the site as singles. I wrote a fun fact for each image on their individual pages so there was something new to read about them.  Enjoy.


Releasing three prints today I intended for last years Mondocon.  I wound up not having a table and choosing instead sanity and breath.


Lots of books to recommend.

Another member of Canadian Monster Force has a tome to tout: Ghoulish: The Art of Gary Pullin is available online.

I wrote a touching foreward recognizing the titan talents of the wendigo that learned to draw.  Inside you’ll find page after page of colorful evidence. The exclusive edition comes with a 3D print for “House” and a pair of custom specs to peep at it with.

If you wish to see a book depicting the drain that wound up swallowing my last years of youth, please head on over to Amazon and order a hard cover sandwich of some of Mondo’s best slices.  I wrote some words in the front, I wrote some words in the back, and a few of my efforts lurk in the middle. Makes a great gift for folks whose favor you wish to curry.

Also, Jason Edmiston’s “Visceral” and “Pop Eyes” plus Todd Slater’s "The Rock Poster Art of Todd Slater" are still available if you want to give Amazon a hernia.


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