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I recently handled design for Third Man Records' Vault 33 package along with The Third Man himself and TMR’s Nathanio Strimpopulos.  The enormity of the task led this to be the most I’ve worked with Nathanio on a TMR project, and I have to give him props on providing some solid direction and being a great sounding board.  He also handled the layout on the included photo book documenting the sessions, I only sent him some tax stamp seal designs to work with for the cover and endpapers.

Another call out to Bruce Yan who expertly vectorized the two part horse pin design taken from my original Icky Thump/Rag & Bone single cover made for NME.

Pretty good chance that if you’re reading this then you likely own it.  I gotta say as a White Stripes fan it was a wonderful way of really celebrating a singular record. I meteor shower wish more folks would follow this style of presentation, i.e. individual discs for demos, main record, and B-sides/unique live tracks.  

I know I’d eat a puppy to get this type of presentation for Danzig’s catalog or the Damned, the latter just to get a good copy of their demo cover of “Arnold Layne”.

Talking about writing an article about the package with Chris Jalufka of, so I’ll save any fun tidbits for that.



The above package came with 1 of 9 different 8X10 screenprint designs. I have some uncut versions, but not many.  A lot of interest in these, but I wanted folks to have a chance to live with the individual images for a bit before showing the order of events as I imagined them.

White Paper Version: I have an edition of 50 of these.
Red Paper Version: I have an edition of 50 of these.  
Holo Paper Version: I have 1 of these.  
These are available now in the store. 
One set per person please.

For the past few TMR jobs I’ve asked Steve at D&L Screenprinting to make some fun variants using whatever interesting paper stocks he had laying around the shop and then they’re split between myself and TMR.  You might have seen some given away at the Detroit Pressing Plant opening. Two of these will be made available through friends for some charity biz in the near future.

Houston’s own Jermaine Rogers organized an auction to benefit victims of Hurricane Harvey.  One of these weird ones will be part of that auction, but he’ll have a lot of great rarities from other folks that might tempt you as well. You can find more details on Jermaine's Facebook page.

Dan Schlissel of Stand Up Records’ fame will handle the auction of a couple of weird items from me including one of these printed on blue paper.  I felt blue was emotionally appropriate as it’s in benefit of the family of Lashonda Lester. Lashonda was a rising comic star from Detroit who moved to Austin and was blowing shit up before she died way too fucking soon. I only got to see her perform once at the Altercation Comedy Festival.  She announced her Motor City origin to a singular “wooo” from the audience.  She replied with the below:

   You from Detroit? …. No?  Why are you wooing it then, you just like the White Stripes?

She then told the audience an incredible accounting of being a madame servicing freak auto executives.  She was the highlight of the festival for me followed closely by The Beaumonts and David Heti.

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