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Offering up my versions of some various projects I’ve done for TMR.

TMR: TWS Record Store Day Uncut 2016

First up is a an uncut sheet of large-size postcards made to celebrate the Record Store Day release of the complete White Stripes’ Peel Sessions. As with the previous set I’ll be signing the back of each with a small drawing or a short missive likely dealing with buying records.

For these images, I cast John Peel in the role of the Wizard presented initially during his salad days flying away from the old Radio London ship towards his new digs at Radio 1.

Card 2 shows the Stripes meeting John for the first Peel Session at Maida Vale studios. It must always be a little strange when meeting radio personalities. At least back in the day they pretty much existed as disembodied voices that caused your brain to imagine some nebulous physical form. I would expect meeting one in the flesh feels a bit like seeing the old man behind the curtain.

Card 3 depicts lovely Peel Acres, John’s house in Suffolk, where he recorded the second White Stripes session. I envisioned it as a drop-in of sorts and figured it would be exciting for John considering how many Stripes singles he kept in his famous box at the time of his passing.

Rest in the shade, Mr. Peel, and thank you for making these and so many other wonderful recordings.

TMR: Detroit Grand Opening Poster 2015

I felt the opening of the new TMR was a good enough excuse to revisit my mega-city image made for a series of 2005 TWS Detroit dates.  For those posters I attempted to emulate the city collage Boris Bilinsky created to advertise the film Metropolis.  For this poster I wanted to try an arrangement more aligned with my usual style and ardor for symmetry.

For the version sold on my site I introduced some small differences to keep the one sold at TMR unique.

TMR: Detroit Record Store Day Poster 2016

The original idea for this primary image was to just keep it in print with different colors for the TMR Detroit store, but in light of the Stripes release for RSD I thought it might be more interesting to theme it up with the band. Beyond adding the lights this time around, I littered the city with a number of Stripes references including characters and items from past Stripes posters.

Again, for the version sold on my site I introduced some new elements or replaced previous ones to make it a little different from the one sold at TMR.


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