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Scattering up a batch of concert posters today luckily from some of my more adored tunesmiths.  

THE KILLS: Made for the current tour promoting the immanent release of their newest platter, “Ash & Ice” which my wife and I eagerly await.  Oddly enough, I probably jam the Kills with her more than any other band as opposed to KISS which requires private listening lest her eyerolls damage the ceiling.  

HEARTLESS BASTARDS: Doubly honored not only to make a poster for the Bastards but for the all important home-town show as well.  Cincinnati always has a special place in my heart as it’s essentially where my Aunt Diana lives and a place in my stomach as I’m overly fond of Skyline (screw Gold Star).  It’s also where my mother was born as it boasted the nearest hospital across the river with lights. I really connected with their last album, “Restless Ones”, as a lot of the lyrics reflected echoes in my own skull.  It’s a fight forward to trudge away from the bizarre seduction of fear and darkness.  Erika is probably more successful at the hike than me.

SPOON: A pair of posters representing yet another collaboration with the eminently talented Chris Everhart from Silent Giants.  We bashed our brains together for the final poster of Arcade Fire’s last tour. It went so sweetly we tried to recapture the alchemy for these Spoon gigs in support of “They Want My Soul”.

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