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Third Man Records opened a third location in London. If you’re not aware of it, shit, then it’s unlikely you’re going to keep reading about the poster for it. The edition in London are on 100 lb white. The ones I’m selling however are on French Lemon Drop Yellow. I hoped by being on a yellow stock that folks who forgive the sheet from having never travelled across the pond. However, again, they are on yellow paper.



I asked to do the Austin date. I got Las Vegas. I miss Vegas, so I readily agreed. It’s a burg I yearly frequented with various folks. It never gets old to me. Always a blinking shambled visit to a pinball machine’s insides. I hope folks who saw this pair of shows had similar good times besides marveling at Mister Shadow-fingers. The cityscape comes from an unused project Chris Everhart of Silent Giants fame and myself blew dumb time on. I didn’t want to have a real Vegas skyline, only something that suggested it. Both depict a foreground dicephalic goat. If anyone has a fer realz natural born caprine dicephalic parapagus, shoot me a fucking email. If you have a human one, keep that pair of ghosts to yourself.



Just a single rec this time around for the new edition of Commerce & Indu$try: Volume 4 : ANIMALS!  from Leona Gallery director Billy Bishop.
Billy selected and cleaned up all of this old IP free product art from his collection of dusty tomes.  It’s a fun trip on how the old huckster’s visually whispered to you. Solid collection of best bits from someone who has been collecting best bits for a good while.

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