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Five pieces of past paper presently in the shop. Theming this one with posters printed by Krusty Kolor, an Austin print shop founded by Wade Longenberger and Lee Bolton back in the day.

Lee eventually split, and Wade kept plugging away until his death in 2004. Here’s a clip of his band Squat Thrust playing their hit single “Karate”. Wade was the bassist. He was fun and kind.

 Including a sheet for a historic one man band showdown in Austin, a Strokes show in Arizona, and three from the initial peppermint wave made to support dates on The White Stripes’ tour for Elephant. 


 Leona Gallery impresario Billy Bishop has been publishing an essential collection of weird ancient clip art culled from trademark registration volumes.

 I’m quite familiar with the leather spines that sourced this material. I recall them heavy and bending a couple of shelves at Billy's old print shop. I always wondered when he’d share a curated collection of the mercantile phantasmagoria they contained. Well, the time was a few months ago. The first volume is smoke, but the second and third are still gettable with an anticipated fourth on the way.

 Hopefully doing something fun later in the year with Billy, so tape the potato peeler inside your sunglasses.

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