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The Raconteurs are on the prowl again with a new album and an extensive tour.  Help Us Stranger is available now and quite the corker.  In true Racs fashion, I got asked about cover art pretty close to the release date.

Fun fling with the ghost of Christmas Past getting to work with Patrick Keeler again who also shot the photos for the record art.  I have to credit Tristan McNatt, a TMR design stalwart,  who provided the inspiration that eventually led us to the final cover image.  Should probably also thank happy childhood memories of the classic Star Trek episode “Who Mourns for Adonais?"

I now involuntarily think of the Raconteurs whenever I’m driving (or walking on occasion) and see an illuminated crossing signal.  Optically hoist by my own petard I guess.  If the Racs are playing in your town, ignore the crossing signals and risk the broken leg to get to the show.




Due to Mondo commitments, I knew I would only have time for a few posters for this tour as Racs stuff tends to take way longer to produce.  Roe Peterhans and Sarah Stawski of TMR asked which cities I would want to tackle.  It was a fairly easy choice.

As hinted by the Sun Sphere on my desk, I adore Knoxville.  It’s where we spend Christmases with my sister.  There are a few Raconteurs posters already in her house, and I wanted to make sure to create one for a show in her city. After that I asked for Nashville as I hoped to keep my “Agent Alice” series going from past Raconteurs’ hometown shows.  


Making some new Grief prints available.  Three are shipped in mint condition. The fourth took a tumble Lubetkin style to the floor and ganked one corner.  Is it terrible?  Eh, it wouldn’t bother me, but folks are picky.  Since the affected print is about drinking whiskey, it sort of feels appropriate considering how many injuries that liquid has caused my own meat suit over the years.  To make up for it, I’m going to doodle something on the damaged area of each.  Maybe just a drunk cartoon character, maybe an attempt at a Dylan Thomas portrait if I’m in the mood.


The new album finally got my seat scorchy enough to put nearly all of my remaining Raconteurs posters from past tours on the site.  I still have to add a few strays from 06.

If you buy 10, you get a surprise.  If you buy 9, you might get a surprise.  If you buy 8, I’ll draw a heart on the tube.



Got asked by the great Connie Collingsworth of Print Mafia and Butch & Sissy  fame to create a poster for Saskatchewan songsmith Colter Wall’s Austin City Limits taping. If you like country music that sounds like country music, then you’ll love Colter Wall.  If you like to say how you like all music but country, then you can go stomp nails barefoot.



Worked on this beauty with Chris Everhart from The Silent Giants for the Everything Now tour. 

I have to admit I had no idea why the Rush song was called “YYZ”.  Working out these verkakte airline codes for the poster, and now know at least what Neal was referring to.

I still have a Sigur Ros poster Chris (from Silent Giants) and I worked on for their last tour I need to get up on the site.  Hopefully on the next update.



I will be disappearing next week into the vortex of  MONDOCON 5 and houseguests.  If you’re in Austin on Sept 14th or 15th, get a ticket and get lost in a world of poor decisions.  Lots of amazing artists from around the world will be there displaying the cause of the callus on their index fingers.  I will be there wearing gold lamé and an uncharacteristic smile, so come see the elephant.

Too much going on to be able to ship poster orders made this week on top.  So please bear in mind there will be a mild delay on shipping until after Mondocon when I get the house occupancy calmed down to one high Canadian, an exasperated wife, 3 yappy dogs, and one cat.


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