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Selling 1 poster today, but there are 2 versions of it. One for even numbers and one for odd.  

 It is for Jack White’s 2022 concert in Lyon, a city dear to my withered heart. 

The date says 07.07.07 as it was seven days after the full moon.  I wanted to look cool with 3 sevens. However, that makes the show date occur on the first quarter moon.  A perfect symbol of Jack’s dual releases in 2022.  

The backs share the same track-by-track visuals for “Fear of the Dawn” but in different blues mostly utilizing W.W. Denslow illustrations.  

 Listing all three versions of this poster even though I don’t have copies of the unique show version to sell.  Just including it here for the public record.


ODD NUMBERS: Printed by DL in flat fluorescent cyan. 

EVEN NUMBERS: Printed by DL in metallic “Electric Baby Blue”. 


SHOW VERSION: Printed by Lézard Graphique, it uniquely shows Jack between two planes of existence.  For online copies, I broke it apart to show both planes. Credit to Sarah Stawski for suggesting doing it in a Euro A1 size. That sadly never dawned on me after all these years.

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