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GOG is here.

The phantoms of my mind have now entered a third dimension, GOG.  

Dan Willett, the warlock behind Unbox Industries crafted a vinyl figure based on a character I created for one of my past gigposters. Gog has his roots as one of the legendary protectors of the city of London. A statue of him and Magog, his snappily dressed counterpart, reside in Guildhall while wicker versions of both precede the Lord Mayor each year during his trek to proclaim fealty to the Queen. Now he protects my desk from my cats.

We have three versions available for purchase, and all three are made from a special vinyl that glows blue in the dark versus the usual GID green. 

I had a great time working with Dan on this for the past couple of years and hope folks enjoy the result.




My good friend and eternal sounding board, Todd Slater, released a book earlier this year entitled “The Rock Poster Art of Todd Slater”. I was asked to write an introduction that literally brought a tear to his cloudy eye and will likely wind up on his tombstone later next year.

If you have someone who likes either “Rock” or “Posters” then it will make an excellent gift this holiday season.


My good friend and quintessential Canadian, Jason Edmiston, has released a bound collection of his life’s blood entitled “Visceral: The Art of Jason Edmiston”.  It’s a career spanning tome that not only showcases his immense talent with the brush but also provides a lot of information on process and technique.  If you have an interest in admiring monsters or rendering them yourself, there’s undoubtedly a trove for you to plunder.  I had the honor of conducting a fairly lengthy in-depth interview with him included in the book in case you hate pictures but enjoy reading about them.

If you have someone in your life who had a creepy bedroom in high school or likes Halloween a bit too much, then give them this book to get a smile in return.


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