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For the recent Third Man Records Vault release of “Under Amazonian Lights” I was asked to design a few elements for the box set: namely the graphics for the box itself, an enamel pin, DVD onbody graphic, and a set of postcards highlighting the three South American dates from the 2005 tour. For these cards I thought it would be fun to continue documenting the globetrotting of the Tin Man and Dorothy as seen in the “Under Great White Northern Lights” set.  Considering Brazil’s considerable primate population, it seemed appropriate to bring the winged monkeys into the mix.

For Record Store Day, I made a set of enlarged screen printed versions.  I wanted to keep that version special for TMR and RSD so my copies are all uncut and editioned separately from their divided RSD counterparts.  Both versions are printed on special linen paper to mimic antique postcards from days of thoughtful communications past.

I am signing these on the back and like the RSD ones, I’ll write a short missive in the last space or maybe draw an exhausted rabbit.


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